Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center

Leading Cancer Care

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Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center provides comprehensive cancer care, combining advanced medical oncology and radiation oncology services in two convenient locations in Lincoln. Our goals are to provide the people of Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska with the best care in the field and to create for them a warm, inviting environment. We establish a close relationship with each patient and their family, which we combine with advanced facilities and innovative services in cancer diagnosis, treatment and patient support.

In Case of Emergency

If you are experiencing a true, life-threatening emergency, call 911. Call our office only after you have made arrangements to get to the Emergency Room. Our nurses return calls during business hours as time permits. If the matter is urgent, please tell our phone operator so that the nurse can confer with you in the timeliest manner possible. Please understand that calls for test results and prescription refills will be returned after urgent patient needs are met. We ask that you remember that physicians’ schedules are long and demanding. It may be late in the afternoon after all patients are seen, or sometimes the following day before non-emergency phone calls are returned. If you feel you need us, we want to hear from you. Please use this guide to identify when you should contact us. READ MORE »

SNCC in the News

Recently, SNCC was featured in an edition of Women’s Edition magazine.  A breast cancer patient shared her personal story.  Read it now at Womens Edition SNCC Story 8-2014.

Get Connected Today

Here at Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center, one of our goals is to help with your communication during and after your treatment. It is natural to feel overwhelmed with so many people in your life wanting to know, “How are you?”, “When is your next treatment?” or “Is there something I can do for you?”. There may be times when talking about your treatment is more difficult than others, or you may just want to pour out your emotions to yourself without ever sharing with anyone else. As individuals, we all process our thoughts in our own way. In hopes of helping you, we have partnered with CaringBridge, a charitable organization devoted to offering free websites to people experiencing significant health issues. CaringBridge is a great way to keep friends and family updated on your condition as well as a useful tool in privately documenting your personal journey. You can add updates or photos as often as you choose, and you may share your website url with anyone you like – or no one. Visitors to your website can leave comments and words of encouragement if they like. A website is easy to create and extremely user friendly. Create your free, personal website today and get connected with those most important to you.