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Hospice Services

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We facilitate compassionate care through Hospice services at a patient’s request when treatment for a cure is no longer appropriate. Hospice care focuses upon symptom management while enabling a patient to live as fully and comfortably as possible. By choosing care within the home, a patient enjoys the comfort of familiar surroundings while retaining the ability to remain more in control of his or her care. When hospice care at home is not possible due to the needs of the patients, there are in-patient facilities that can provide the higher level of care needed.

Multidisciplinary hospice care includes:

  • Continued supervision of your medical care by your physician
  • Skilled nursing care on-call
  • Sensitive, hands-on care by home health aides
  • Emotional counseling for both you and your family
  • Advanced training for you and your caregivers on pain management and symptom control
  • Connections and assistance with community service agencies
  • Resources for financial guidance
  • Special bereavement services for the family
  • Care. Compassion. Respect.