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Movement & Exercise

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There are many benefits to a regular exercise program during chemotherapy. Some of these benefits include an increase in appetite, better sleep at night, increased resistance to fatigue and a feeling of normalcy in your day-to-day activities. Many people with cancer who participate in an exercise program, such as walking, say they feel better and more energetic. They also report fewer side effects from their treatment. We generally do not have any activities that you cannot do while on treatment and we hope to keep your activities on treatment as close to your pretreatment activities as possible. Ideally you should try and get some exercise at least 3-4 times per week. There will be days when you do not feel like exercising. Listen to your body and do what you are able to do. Before you begin any new exercise program you should first check with your physician. It is important to know if there are precautions you need to take while exercising. There are several places in Lincoln that offer exercise programs tailored specifically to cancer patients. If you are interested in any of these, talk to your health care provider.