Leading Cancer Care

Nursing, Laboratory & Radiology

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Our oncology nurses are an important part of your healthcare team. They have received specialized training and are knowledgeable regarding treatment regimens and side effects. They are proficient in chemotherapy preparation and administration. Many of our infusion nurses have their Oncology Nursing Certification (OCN). Oncology nurses are aware of the needs and fears of both the patient and family and are comfortable discussing all aspects of care. Please never hesitate to ask a question or express a concern. They want to put their experience to work for your benefit.


Clinical Laboratory testing plays a critical role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, including cancer. Laboratory Technologists perform most of these tests, many in our office. They examine and analyze blood and other body fluids utilizing state of the art equipment to provide a vast volume of information to enable your physician to prescribe the appropriate treatments and/or preventive measures to ensure the best therapy for you.

We offer access to one of the latest cancer detection technologies – circulating tumor cell (CTC) machine. The CTC test uses sensitive technology to detect metastatic cancer cells in a blood sample. The CTC machine was originally offered to patients enrolled in clinical research trials. It is now available to patients with metastatic breast, colon and prostate cancer. In cancer, metastatic cells break away from a tumor and are carried in blood to grow in other parts of the body. The CTC machine uses tiny iron particles joined to antibodies that attach specifically to cancer cells in blood. Magnets then draw the cancer cells out of the blood sample so they can be measured, allowing physicians to determine if the cancer is responding to treatment. SNCC was the first healthcare facility in Nebraska to install a CTC machine.


At Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center we are pleased to be able to offer in-house CT and PET scan services. Radiology procedures are used in cancer treatment to aid your physician in staging, diagnosis and evaluation of treatment effectiveness. We are pleased to have Matt Bideaux, Director of Radiology, who with his many years of radiology experience will do everything he can to make you comfortable.