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Here at Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center, one of our goals is to help with your communication during and after your treatment. It is natural to feel overwhelmed with so many people in your life wanting to know, “How are you?”, “When is your next treatment?” or “Is there something I can do for you?”. There may be times when talking about your treatment is more difficult than others, or you may just want to pour out your emotions to yourself without ever sharing with anyone else. As individuals, we all process our thoughts in our own way.

In hopes of helping you, we have partnered with CaringBridge, a charitable organization devoted to offering free websites to people experiencing significant health issues. CaringBridge is a great way to help you share your thoughts, emotions and whatever you may be feeling with your family and friends. But if sharing is not the stage you are at right now, this journal can help you document your personal journey and will be there for you should you chose to share with others. You can add updates or photos as often as you choose, and you may share your website url with anyone you like – or no one. Visitors to your website can leave comments and words of encouragement if they like. A website is easy to create and extremely user friendly.

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You will first need to visit caringbridge.org to create your free website. This is private and password protected. Your journal entries will only be shared if you chose to do so by emailing or printing.

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Watch this quick video to learn about all CaringBridge has to offer.