Marissa Horak, MOTR/L, CLT-LANA

Marissa Horak

Marissa Horak obtained a Master’s degree of Occupational Therapy from the College of St. Mary and has been practicing for almost 5 years in various settings including pediatrics, skilled nursing and home health. She obtained her certification as a lymphedema therapist from Norton School of Lymphatics and has been a role model in providing top-quality patient care through complete decongestive therapy. She also holds a LANA (Lymphology Association of North America) accreditation assuring her training maximizes patient care and outcomes.

Marissa and her family are a foster home for a dog rescue in Omaha and enjoy volunteering their time to help animals- they fostered 14 dogs in 2 years. She and her husband enjoy playing with their daughter. They love hiking, traveling and spending time outdoors.