Clinical trials are biomedical research studies for patients that follow a pre-defined protocol. The majority of clinical trials at SNCC are interventional studies, meaning patients are assigned to a treatment or other intervention and their outcomes are measured. These outcomes are then compared to the best available standard therapy.

There are several benefits to participating in clinical trials including:

  • Playing a more active role in one’s own health care
  • Gaining access to novel treatments
  • Helping others by contributing to medical research

Research is part of our commitment to innovation, providing access to new treatments that are not yet commercially available. We offer a variety of research studies on promising new therapies for patients who wish to consider this option. If a specific clinical trial is not available at our center, we make every effort to find clinical trials at other centers for our patients.

If you wish to discuss a trial, please contact our Research Department at (402) 327-7363.

Meet our Research Manager
Bronson Riley, Research Manager & Genetic Counselor
Originally from McCook, Nebraska, Bronson graduated with a BS and a BA from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 1998. Prior to obtaining his Master of Science degree in Genetics at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine, Bronson coordinated clinical research on families with hereditary cancer in the Department of Preventive Medicine at Creighton University Medical Center.

As a board-certified genetic counselor, his responsibilities include providing comprehensive cancer genetic consultations to individuals and families with a history of cancer. This consultation includes documentation of the cancers in the family, risk assessment, interpretation of the information about the hereditary cancer disorder, discussion of screening recommendations, supportive counseling, and incorporation of genetic testing, if needed. In 2010, Bronson was awarded The New Leader Award by the National Association of Genetic Counselors.

Bronson is also the Manager of SNCC’s Research Department where he oversees day-to-day operations and assists the research team to implement quality clinical trials.


SNCC is a member of the Missouri Valley Cancer Consortium Community Clinical Oncology Program. They provide local access to national clinic trials. Search this trial database now.