Laboratory Services

Laboratory services and testing is a key component of the detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and blood disorders. Our onsite laboratory provides quick results for many laboratory tests, helping physicians prescribe or adjust your treatment plan as needed without unnecessary delays.

The SNCC laboratory team performs many procedures in our clinic including, routine laboratory testing, components of bone marrow testing, and Flow cytometry. Samples collected by the SNCC laboratory may be sent to outside laboratories to test for additional components of both bone marrow testing and flow cytometry, as well as specialty testing such as tumor markers, cytogenetics and other special chemistries. The SNCC laboratory and research department collaborate for testing that is processed and sent to research laboratories to support the high level of clinical research performed by the SNCC Research team. The time required for accurate test results varies. Your physician will receive the results of your tests as soon as they are available and will discuss the results with you during your next appointment.

All testing is handled in a confidential manner, no matter where it is performed. The SNCC billing and laboratory departments work as a team to check for preauthorization for specialty testing ordered by your physician. It is possible that your insurance company may require that some or all of your testing be done in outside labs.