Medical Oncology

The SNCC Medical Oncology team offers a broad array of expertise. Our team is devoted to innovation in cancer diagnosis, treatment and patient services.

At our two centers, your care is supported by many advances in healthcare, including the latest treatments, an in-house lab, PET and CT imaging, an integrated electronic medical record system, clinical trials, advanced diagnostic tests, genetic counseling and patient advocacy.

In addition to innovation in health care, our experts work side by side on your care and follow a team approach that puts your needs at the heart of all that we do.

What is a Medical Oncologist?
A medical oncologist is a physician who directs your medical care while you are undergoing treatment for cancer. Your first appointment will be spent discussing and understanding your diagnosis as well as options for treatment. Treatment may include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Your oncologist will monitor your care and treatment during each succeeding appointment. They will work with you to improve your quality of life during your treatment by managing your symptoms and pain with the appropriate medications.

Meet our Medical Oncologists:

What is a Hematologist?
A hematologist is a physician who treats patients with blood diseases, associated with blood cells and the blood-forming organs. The first curable cancers – lymphoma and leukemia in the 1950′s – were blood disorders treated by chemotherapy; and because of that, hematology and oncology are closely linked.